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Tide Rips Adventures

E-bike Rentals
Sitka, Alaska


Welcome to Tide Rips Adventures E-Bike Rentals located in beautiful downtown Sitka, Alaska.  We pride ourselves on offering top-quality E-Bikes built for offroad use.  We have teamed up with QuietKat to supply a rugged bike capable of enduring Southeast Alaska's coastal terrain. Our E-Bikes have both peddle assist and thumb throttle controls allowing you easily traverse our road and trail systems.

Tide Rips Adventures is a locally owned and operated business. 


Explore Sitka

E-Bikes are the best way to tour Sitka's rugged coastline and wild rainforests. Tide Rips QuietKat E-Bikes can easily navigate the local roads and trail systems. Our bikes will provide access to Sitka's natural treasures and local attractions.  Sitka has a lot to offer, and our experienced guides can help curate the perfect adventure for your specific interests. 

E-Bike Rentals


The QuietKat Villager

  • Throttle & Pedal Assist

  • Heights between 5'2 - 6'4

  • 25-38 mile range

  • 20 MPH


  • Age, height, or weight restrictions?
    E-bike renters must be age 16+ per state law. Our bikes are step-through and robust, making them perfect for 5'2 to 6'4 riders and weights up to 325 lbs.
  • Are helmets available?
    Yes! We take safety seriously. Helmets of all sizes are complementary to E-Bike rentals.
  • Where should I ride?
    Our local staff provides trail maps and guidance to help plan your adventure! Sitka is loaded with hidden gems that are easily overlooked by most tour options. Our E-Bikes provide the opportunity to create a custom tour specifically tailored for you interests. Here is a list of some of our favorite destinations: - Whale Park - Herring Cove Trail - Halibut Point Recreation Site - Indian River Trail - Sandy Beach - Cross Trail - Fortress of the Bear - Alaska Raptor Center - Herring Cove Trail If your looking for a different kind of adventure, we have recommendations for the best fishing holes in Sitka.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Life happens! Cancel anytime with no charges or fees.
  • Rental Rates
    Half Day (3.5 hr): $70.00 Full Day (7 hr): $110.00

If you have any questions!

Get in touch with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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